Diamondbacks Coach Fined For Using Apple Watch

Diamondbacks Coach Fined For Using Apple Watch

The MLB has finished it’s investigation process of looking into Arizona Diamondbacks coach Ariel Prieto. The investigation was over him using an Apple Watch in the dugout to cheat Wednesday.

Prieto stated that the watch was not used for any baseball related activities at all but even so, the MLB is still fining him and the team for using the device during their game against the Rockies Wednesday night.

The MLB examined the watch and also concluded that they didn’t see any evidence of the watch being used for anything baseball related at all but still with the rumors and the hype, they decided to hit him and the team with the fine.

The organization also stated that they will be donating the money to a fund for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. That’s a good note for the whole fiasco.

The coach also told reporters, later, that he did not use the watch for any particular reason during the game. He stated that it was on airplane mode which is a setting that disables the watch for communication.

Prieto went on to say that he knows just having the watch in the game violates organization rules, and he also apologized to manager Torey Lovullo.

The news probably doesn’t come as a big shock because last month, the Boston Red Sox were fined by also by the MLB after using a similar device to signal pitches to the team during a game. The MLB probably felt that they needed to do something because even though they didn’t find any evidence of cheating on the device, it clearly breaks the rules and also has potential to be used as a cheating device, as in the case of the Red Sox.


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